"  An Hour With You"

An interlude of life, a fireplace blazing, books and music,
a beautiful piano in the midst playing arias,
and flowers with delicate lace,
joining together all who want to come together
where love's harmony exists in poetry...............

to "An Hour With You"

A site to be filled with poetry from all facets of life.

Where authors can express themselves
And share their thoughts with others. Choosing the poem,
The graphic link set and the music to compliment
Your own poem. It will completely be your selections.

I will display your choice as sent to me, giving credit in all sectors.

Thank you for joining with others in

" An Hour With You".






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"An Hour With You"





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List Of Authors Names and Initials

Shirley Barr~SB

Susan Bromen~SBro

Ginny Bryant~GB

Linda Burger~LB

Trisha F. Townley~TFT


Walt Chapman~WC

Betty C.Daniels~BCD

Gayle Davis~GD

Robert F. Dotson~RFD

Christopher Fabbri~CF

Marty Ford~MF

Christina M. M. Foster~CMMF

Delilah M. Haas~DMH

Sherrell Hadden~SHa

Ann Hart~AH

Yvonne E. Hathcock~YEH

Dennis J. Hopkins~DJH

Susan Hutto~SHu

Jean Ilderton~JI

Ashley M. Kramer~AMK

Donna J. Kramer~DJK

Judith Johnson Kypta~JJK

Alan Lee~AL

Carolyn Nored Lequieu~CNL

Loretta Coley Lipsey~LCL

Joyce C. Lock~JCL

Ruth Ann Mahaffey~RAM

Elizabeth E. McPherson~EEM

Sondra McPherson~SM

Carol Dee Meeks~CDM


Darlene Owsley~DO

Carrie Robison~CR


Cheryl Taul~CT


Pearlie Duncan Walker~PDW

Marie Williams~MW

Brenda Sparkman~BS

Emanuel J Murphy~EJM

Karen Payne~KP

Sal Grippaldi~SG

Rebecca Ann Rence~RAR

Linda Welch~LW

Paul K Gentry~PKG

Dot McGinnis~DM

  Ron Hall~RH

Marilyn Ferguson~MaFe

Miriam Price~MP

Tracy M. Ries~TMR


Kentucky Lady4~KL4

Ana Bowlova~AB

Anne Shiever~AS

Sharon Deichert~SD

Joyce Gale~JG

Bernice Ward~BW

Dark Blue Knight~DBK

Tonya Bonstein~TB


Codell Donehoo~CD

Becky Laprarie~BLa

Gloria (Doede) Poston~GDP

Jim Lake~JL

Ruby Ketron~RK

Carol Facer~CFa

Mr. Doug~Mr.D

  Ralph Bolick~RBo

Pamela R. Blaine~PRB

Fran Gaines~FG

  Faye Reyenga~FR

Elizabeth A. Bushey~EAB

Megan Bishop~MB


Christina U. Lowman~CUL

Danna Robinette~DR

  Frank Barreto~FBa

Sarah Ward~SW

Jane Ward Smith~JWS

Claudia Austin~CA

Ton Antheunisse~TA

Lisa C. Welter~LCW

Marsha Youree~MY

Ann Marie Fisher~AMF

Jerry Morris~JM

Rose Marie Streeter~RMS



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Awakening Dawn~*~JWS

A Single Rosebud~*~DMH

Big Jim And Rosie~*~RFD

Coal Miner's Son~*~RFD

Darkest Hour~*~JG

Dreaming Of You...~*~SM

Emerald Green~*~EAB

His Gift Of Love~*~JM

I Turn To You~*~DMH

In From The Sea~*~SM

Little Sparrow~*~FR


The Quiet Of My Soul~*~JWS

Through The Dark Wavering Clouds~*~AH

Through The Storms~*~BW

Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time~*~JM

A Pauper Becomes A Prince~*~RFD

Angels Are Everywhere~*~FR

Candle In The Dark~*~JM

God's White Rose~*~DMH

In Thought~*~JG

Internet Friend~*~JWS

Joy In The Storms~*~BW

Lady So Sure~*~SM

Memory's Special Delivery~*~JWS

Our Last Good-Bye~*~DMH

Prodigal Come Home~*~RFD

The Beauty Of Life~*~FR

The Nail Scarred Hand~*~AH

The Winter Rose~*~JJK

Until I Can Hold You~*~JM

We Thank You Lord~*~GD

You Left Me Alone~*~DJK

A Song Well Sung~*~FR

A Yellow Rose~*~JM

All Alone~*~DMH

Enduring Mercy~*~M

Good Morning Friends~*~BW

Here's My Heart~*~RFD

I Remember~*~GD

I'll Love You Until~*~ EAB

Love Notes~*~SM

Music And Love...~*~SM

My Dream~*~DMH

My Heart's Love~*~GD

Open Gate~*~JWS

Our Love Is Strong~*~CUL

Our Blooming Friendship~*~AH

That Old Rugged Cross~*~JM

The Child Inside~*~JWS

Wait For Me~*~RFD

Walking Through This Life~*~FR


When Sweet Love Is True~*~EAB

A Mother's Love...~*~JWS

A Whisper Away~*~JWS

As I Look Beyond~*~DMH

Behold A Woman~*~FR

Day After Day~*~JM

Did You Take The Time?~*~JM

Everyone And Everything~*~DBK

Footsteps In The Night~*~RFD

Forever Gone~*~EAB

God's Guiding Hand~*~BW

Heart's Delight~*~GD


Just A Little~*~JG

Lonely Train Whistle~*~FR

Prepare For The Trumpet Sound~*~AH

Somewhere In Time....~*~SM

Visions Of You~*~TH

Where Did They Go?~*~EAB

You Formed Me~*~JG

You Hold The Key To My Heart~*~KP

A Beautiful City~*~BW

A Winter Walk~*~JWS


I Know His Presence~*~SM

I Need To Know~*~EAB

In Paradise~*~JM

Island Night~*~KL4

It Wasn't Me~*~TH

It's Like Dynamite~*~RFD

Just One Kiss~*~JM

Keep Walking~*~JWS

Love Eternal~*~GD

My Lasting Remembrance~*~KL4

Nature's Embrace~*~RMS

Shades Of Dawn~*~JG

Shimmer Of Hope~*~RMS


Trusting In Jesus Always~*~BW

Welcome To Our Church~*~RFD

Whatever The Reason~*~AH

You'll Be Mine~*~EAB

A Trip With My Friend~*~RFD


God In Every Storm~*~BW

God Only Sends The Best~*~~EAB

Good Morning Lord~*~BW

If I Can Make It Until~*~JM

I'm Just A Dreamer~*~JM

Jesus Is The Only Way~*~SM

Lean To The Left~*~KP

Love's Warm Embrace~*~TH

Memory's Train~*~RFD

My Dearest Love...~*~SM

My Friend Waba~*~AH

My Heart Sings~*~JG

My Time Alone~*~FR


Soul Kisses~*~JWS

Take Time~*~TH

The Beauty I See In You~*~AH

The Lovely Rose Of Sharon~*~FR

The Power~*~JG

Wandering All Alone~*~GD

Wings Of An Eagle~*~M

You Taught Me To Pray~*~JWS

A Mother's Love~*~RFD

A Pattern For Me~*~RFD

A Tear Fell~*~SM

Alone Again~*~JWS

Candlelight's Glow~*~GD

Do We Ever Grow Up?~*~FR


It's Time~*~JWS


Love Not Meant~*~AMF

No Mommie Pweaseeee...~*~GD

My Special Brother~*~AH

Ode To Mick~*~TA

Sand Castle Dreams~*~EAB

The Nails~*~BW

This Friendship I Found~*~AH

Urban Scarecrows~*~DM

What A Wonderful Life~*~FR

When Red Turned Blue~*~EAB

A Glimpse Of Heaven~*~JCL

A Happy New Year~*~AH

A Love Letter...~*~SM

A Prayer~*~AH

A Taste Of Love...~*~GD

Buggy Ridin' Queen~*~M



Hello God~*~BW

Hello My Child~*~BW


I Am, He Said~*~JJK

I Like Me~*~JWS

I Pledge My Life To Thee~*~EAB

I'll Ask My Lord~*~FR

I'll Be With You~*~EAB

Little Lamb~*~JG

Music Is Love...~*~SM

Music For Your Heart~*~Mr.D


The Little Wooden Cross~*~MY

The Pathfinder~*~JWS

The Word Of God~*~GD


A Rose That Never Fades~*~AH

A New Beginning~*~JL

A True Friend~*~AH

A Whispering Flower~*~SM

All I Have Is Today~*~RFD

At Jesus' Feet~*~RFD

Be Still~*~BW

God's Promises~*~BW

Jesus' Hands~*~GD


The Period~*~JWS

Time Marches On~*~JWS

When Angels Cry~*~GD


Among The Red Roses~*~GD

Angel Eyes~*~GD



Dream Weaver~*~EAB

Evening Light~*~JG

Old Age Is A Blessing~*~TA


The Upcoming New Year~*~EAB

Think Of God~*~JCL


A Christmas Wish~*~JCL

A Gift For You...~*~SM

A Soldier's Christmas~*~EAB

Angel Song~*~JWS

Born King Of Kings~*~FR

Carols Are A Blessing~*~JL

Christ Is Christmas~*~FR

Christmas Praise~*~JJK

Christmas Reflections~*~JJK

Christmas, Then and Now~*~RFD

Christmas Time...~*~GD

Christmas Time Is Here~*~SM

Decorating The Tree~*~JJK

God's Gift~*~JCL

Happy Birthday Jesus~*~GD

Happy Birthday Jesus...~*~AH

Happy Birthday Jesus JL~*~JL

Happy Holidays~*~EAB

Holidays With You~*~S

Home For Christmas~*~JWS


If Jesus Came Tonight~*~FR

Joy To The World~*~JWS

Joy To The World...~*~BW

Let It Be Christmas~*~ CA

Little Baby Jesus~*~JCL

Oh Star~*~JG

Our King Is Born~*~RFD

Remembering Jesus Birth~*~GD

Santa Checking His List~*~GD

Shining Brightly~*~SM

Special Delivery~*~JWS

That Most Precious Night~*~KL4

The Christ Of Christmas~*~JL

The Greatest Gift Of All~*~RFD

The Perfect Gift~*~TH

The Reason for the Season~*~EAB

'Twas A Special Christmas Eve~*~RFD

We Celebrate Christ's Birth~*~RFD

A Proud Father~*~JCL

Be Still My Heart~*~JWS

Day Break~*~EAB


Jesus Loves Me~*~BW

Just A Boy~*~GD

My Heart Sings...~*~GD


The Beggar~*~AH

The Day Jesus Returned~*~AH

There Is Going To Be A Meeting~*~BW

What An Expensive Haircut~*~RFD

When God Speaks~*~JCL


All Of This And Heaven Too~*~RFD

An Ocean Of Love~*~LCW


I Want A Holy Ghost Revival ~*~AH

If I Could Be...~*~JCL

In Memory Of Our Daddy~*~CA

Pass Me Not~*~BW

They Didn't Know Love~*~JCL

This Marvel Of Creation~*~TA

True Friend~*~CA

Who Will~*~RFD

Why God Gave Me You~*~AH

Angels Unawares~*~JL


For A Lifetime~*~GD

Happy Friendship Day~*~BW

Hazel Eyes~*~EAB

Hello Dear Friend~*~BW

I See You In My Dreams~*~EAB

I'm So Glad He ~*~AH

Precious Little Boy~*~GD

Remember Darling~*~SM

Safe In The Arms Of Jesus~*~AH


The Greatest Of These Is Love~*~SM

The Wooden Cross~*~RH

A Prayer For Thanksgiving~*~RFD

A Time Of Thanksgiving~*~GD

Empty Vessel~*~JWS

I Am Abundantly Blessed~*~RFD

I'm Grateful, Lord~*~RFD

Thanksgiving Day~*~SM

Thanksgiving, Yes!~*~BCD

We Thank Thee, Lord~*~RFD

A Loving God~*~AH

Friends That Touch The Soul~*~AH


In My World~*~FR

Jesus Our Rock Of Ages~*~BW

Journey Home Country Boy~*~GD

Just Talkin' To The Lord~*~RFD

Let Me Love You~*~EAB

My Quiet Time With God~*~BW

Ook 't kleinste ~*~TA

That Book~*~DBK

The Miracle Of Love...~*~GD

To God Be The Glory~*~RFD

What Went Wrong~*~CA


Blessings Of Friendship~*~BW

Broken Time~*~GD

Come Play With Me~*~EAB

Everlasting Love~*~EAB

Finding Our Way~*~BW

Good Morning, Father~*~ BCD

I Go To Jesus~*~ RFD

Love Like A Rose~*~ SM

My Constant Companion~*~JL

Right Or Wrong~*~AH

Smiling With Age~*~FR


The Lord Is My_Shepherd~*~RFD

The Time Of My Life~*~GD

Why I Love You~*~AH

A Cry Of Despair~*~AH

A Mother's Prayer~*~CA

Angels All Around Me~*~FR

Back When~*~GD

Broken Spirit~*~JWS

Celebration Time~~*~BW

I'll Journey On~*~RFD

Jesus Is Coming Again~*~BW


My Forever Friend~*~EAB

Red Rose~*~SM

The Wonder Of..... You~*~EAB

Want Me To Read To You~*~GD

When I Am Gone~*~AH

When The Leaves Begin To Fall~*~RFD

White Candles~*~SM

Worn And Weary...~*~DM

You Make Me Smile~*~TA

You Were There~*~CA

A Golden Autumn~*~SM

A Simple Place In Time~*~MF

A View From The Mountain Top~*~RFD

Awesome God~*~BW

Beauty....Lies In Your Eyes~*~SM

By Far~*~EAB

God Is Over All~*~BW

Going Fishing~*~FR

I Talk To The Birds~*~TA

Now That Autumn Is Officially Here~*~RFD

Rose Blossom~*~GD

Sleep Little Angel Girl~*~GD

Use Me For Your Glory Lord~*~AH

Time To Remember~*~JWS

To God I Give Thanks~*~FR

Wilderness River~*~JWS

A Bench In The Rain~*~RH

A Friend To Believe In~*~CA

A Message From God~*~CA

A Prayer Of Thanks~*~AH

All Over Again~*~TA

Alone With My Thoughts~*~GD

Autumn Leaves~*~FR

God’s Peaceful Park~*~SM

Halloween Night~*~EAB

I Forgot To Remember~*~RFD

I'm Not Getting Old~*~RFD

Jesus Is Calling For You~*~BW


Love Letter~*~RH

Loving Kindness~BW

Loving Shepherd~*~JG

My Life's Book~*~FR

O Lord I Lift You Up~*~JL

One Of The Sweetest Things~*~JWS

Seek Courage Within~*~JWS

There's Healing At The Cross~*~AH

Where Once There Was Life~*~GD

Witches Brew~*~EAB

A Mother's Glue~*~JJK

A Source Of Strength~*~BW

Another Place, Another Time~*~EAB

Beyond Dark Clouds~*~RFD


Give Thanks~*~FR

I Still Do~*~EAB

I'm Just A Senior~*~RFD

Keep Up The Faith~*~CA


My Valley Days~*~AH

One Quiet Night~*~SM

Reflected Splendor~*~JWS


Salvation Is For Everyone~*~AH

So Much Love~*~BW

Thank You For My Friend~*~CA

The Eyes Of God~*~JWS

The Old Home Place~*~FR

Woman At The Well~*~SM

Would You Know~*~TA

Come And Follow Me~*~CA

Elegance And Grace~*~SM

Fly Away With You~*~EAB

Following Him~*~EAB



I Wish, I Wish~*~GD

Jesus Gave Me Hope~*~RFD

Lord Protect Me~*~SM

Mommy's Gift Of Love~*~DJK

My Written Bouquet ~*~AH

Our Children~*~DJK

Sweet Angel Girl~*~GD


The Sun Will Shine Again~*~RFD

Time Waits For No Man~*~BW

To My Wonderful Husband~*~CA

To Reflect~*~JG

Turn It All Over To God~*~JL

Turning Back~*~FR

When I See A Cross~*~BW

When You Feel Like Giving Up~*~AH

Always And Forever~*~SM

Dreams Do Come True~*~CA


Every Whispered Word~*~SM

Farewell To Summer~*~RFD

Friends Forever...~*~GD


God Is Love~*~BW

Jesus Our Stronghold~*~ BW

Mother My Best Friend~*~CA

My Love~*~GD


Thank You Lord~*~AH


To Whisper~*~JG

You Make A Difference~*~AH

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