~ An Hour With You~

Broomstick riding witches,
Into the air take flight.
While the hooting of an owl pierces,
The darkness of the night.

An eerie full moon shines,
As an uncanny fog arises.
Little ones dressed up below,
In their Halloween disguises.

They make their way from door to door,
On both sides of the street.
Their excited voices echo out,
Loudly “Trick or treat”

With their little arms out stretched,
And eagerness they can not hide.
Trembling with anticipation,
With their treat bags opened wide.

Once the treats are gathered,
Off they go in haste.
Halloween treats must be collected,
For there is no time to waste.

Only one night of the year,
They have anxiously awaited.
Off they go into the darkness,
Exhilarated and elated.

So amongst the bats and spiders,
And jack-o-lanterns smiling bright.
Ghosts and goblins venture out,
Wishing you one and all a hauntingly,
Halloween Night

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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Music: "Ghostbusters"

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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