~ An Hour With You~


We knew it was inevitable
We saw it coming for years
Nothing could have prepared us
For the tons of tears

We've been inseparable
For most of our married years
We chose it to be that way
We loved having our partner near

God has been so good
Even sparing your life in 2002
I can't think of my life alone
There is no life without you

I know I must go on
But I can't even think about it
The thought just terrifies me
But I'm not about to quit

You were such a fighter
Your faith was so strong
I need to be more like you
Then I know I won't go wrong

You lived with pain daily
For many long years
Yet, you never complained
And never talked of any fears

Your trust in God was so good
It showed in your everyday life
You are such a kind, gentleman
Such perfection in every way

As I lay in your arms now
You breathing your last breath
I know now God will sustain me
As He takes you in death

I love you My Darling
And I always will
Till we meet again
In God's Mansion on The Hill

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ
February 2005

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Music: "Only God Knows"

Published Gospel Songwriter
Written By Ken Ferguson
Co-writer Susan Marshall
Sung By CreeAtive Harmony
Used With Permission

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