~ An Hour With You~



Time marches on
With golden days to fill
Any way I will
Before they slip away and are gone

As the year comes to a close
I reflect on those
For whom time on earth is no more...
Spouse, father or mother
Friend, sister or brother
Who said goodbye and now reside on Heaven's shore.

As another year begins fresh and new
Precious time marches on
With glorious promise for me and you
To fill with deeds of kindness toward fellow man
Making life sweeter as only we can
As time marches on.

Only this moment I have for certain
To fill with love and caring
For those who travel along this life with me.
So, may I open my heart for them to see
That precious is the time we have for sharing.

Time marches on swift and sure
Toward the destiny
God has planned for me.
I march with faith and steadfast hope
That as time slips away
I will find sweet rest with my Lord for eternity.

ŠJane Ward Smith
March 3, 2006

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Music: "My Tribute"

Earnest And Roline Ministeries
Performed By: Ezra Bufford
Used With Permission