~ An Hour With You~

I see Santa sitting back,
In his chair with ease,
Checking his Chrisitmas list,
Boys and girls to please.

There is little Johnny,
He wants a Play Station game,
Sally want a growing doll,
One that says her name.

Toby wants a Star Wars fleet,
And a giant punching bag,
Rose want so much stuff,
Just so she can brag.

Where is the spirit of Christmas,
The reason we celebrate,
Have we let it be forgotten,
To remember, is it too late?

Christmas is a time of giving,
We must keep up with the trend,
Values are put aside these days,
Everyone just spends and spends.

Santa slowly leans back,
Tears flow from his eyes,
Overcome with sorrow,
This jolly ole man cries.

Of all the things mentioned,
In this seemingly endless list,
Jesus was completely forgotten,
The reason for the season missed.

Where is the Christ Child,
Born in a stable that special day,
Have we forgotten the wise men,
And the shepherds that knelt to pray?

Give to our children fun and games,
Christmas time let them enjoy,
But among the wrappings and bows,
Remember the birth of that special Boy.

Gayle Davisİ
30 November 2006

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Music: "What Child Is This"

Used With Permission
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