~ An Hour With You~





Existence is yet a light whisper,
Not ever will my heart hold,
The heartache I’m taking in alone,
Love's a mystery untold.

I know you’re here this moment with me,
Timeless are we just believe,
My love holds on without end and is,
Always for you to receive.

Only to reach through the winds of time,
Will we now be together,
Love never dies or ever goes far,
When sharing one another.

Whispers touch my soul I know you’re near,
Instantly the love of you,
Covers me while I am embracing,
Visions of you in my view.

Can you sense me with you this moment,
Feel my lips on yours to kiss,
I realize my love for you lives,
In a time we’ll never miss.

Somewhere in time you and I have love,
Carry on our destiny,
To be timeless wherever we are,
For love is life’s mystery.

©Sondra McPherson
02 February 2007












Music: "Somewhere In Time"
Dolphin Dream's Quietude
Used With Permission


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