~ An Hour With You~


Lord, you taught me to pray.
You even gave a pattern of words to say.
Why, then, Oh Lord, do I stumble at times
Refusing to express requests of mine.
Lord, you said to be continually in prayer
But I find myself going hour on hour
Without even a thought of You
Thinking I am too busy to say a prayer or two.
Lord, I know I am to pray that Your will be done
But I think I can take care of this one
For You gave me the talent and skill
To handle everyday things that come along and I will.
Lord, Surely you are too busy with big things
And don't need to bother with my problems just now.
But you said to ask anything and it would be mine.
I know you love me and watch over me all the time.
Lord, I am sorry that I only pray
When troubles and sorrows plague my day
And even more that I hardly notice
The blessings you give
Every moment that I live.
Lord, how your heart must break
When I draw so far away
And seem cold and distant from you.
Forgive me, Lord for making your heart ache.
Lord, promises I have made and not kept
Bringing heartache and shame.
Many tears I have wept
For not glorifying Your Name.
Lord, much guilt I feel
That I have not shown my love so real
And I promise some how
That I will walk and talk with You every day, now.
ŠJane Ward Smith
January 11, 2005


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