~ An Hour With You~

Welcome to our church.
We're sure glad to see you.
Come on and worship with us.
Find yourself a pew.

No, we're not very fancy.
We're really quite "down to earth."
We are just sinners saved by grace,
Transformed through "new birth!"

We came to God just as we were,
And asked for mercy true.
If you'd like to met the Saviour,
We'll introduce Him to you.

We believe in old fashioned salvation,
And a Holiness lifestyle.
We don't practice worldly living,
"Not by a country mile."

Our services are quite lively,
Probably more than most.
We endeavor to please our God,
And yield to the Holy Ghost.

God said to love our brother,
And to love our enemy too.
How can we say that we love God,
If we cannot love you?

You'll find our people are friendly,
Just "plain as an old shoe."
Friend, if you need our help,
We'll lend a hand to you.

Our pastor, Brother Bennie, is one of a kind.
He preaches straight and true.
We love the way he explains God's word.
We hope that you will too.

We're just a group of God's children,
Holding our hand to the plow,
And trying to reap the harvest.
The day of salvation is now!

All of us are quite different,
And yet we're much the same.
God changed all of our lives,
When we believed on Jesus' name.

We love good gospel music.
We all join in and sing.
The reason we gather together,
Is to lift up Christ our King!

No, we're not "high and mighty."
We're just plain as plain can be.
We believe in resisting the devil,
And watching "old slew foot" flee!

We promote good family values,
And training up one's child,
Bringing them to church each service,
And not letting them run wild.

We also believe in dressing modestly,
With no gold, silver, or costly array.
Friend, only pureness of heart,
Will stand on Judgment Day.

We pray for one another,
When we are sick or we have sinned.
If at first you're not satisfied,
We'll pray with you again.

We help the widow and orphan.
That was Jesus' command.
We help support preachers, evangelists,
And missionaries in foreign lands!

No, Friend our works don't save us.
But faith without works is dead.
They both are equally important.
That's what the Bible said.

Soon our Saviour is coming!
Please join us in the fight!
Warriors are needed badly!
Won't you pray tonight?

The time is growing shorter.
Soon we're going home!
There's still room aplenty.
Won't you come along?

Robert F. Dotson © 2007


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Music: "Send Your Power Lord"

©Tom Lascoe
Used With Permission

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