~ An Hour With You~


Beyond dark clouds the sun will shine!
Joy shall fill this heart of mine,
And hope will spring anew!

Oh, rejoice my soul the Lord has heard,
And according to His word,
This time of testing is through!

Ah, I've been in the valley low.
And my soul has been tempted so,
That I questioned was this God's will for me.

Yet by faith I was able to stand,
While holding to the Master's hand!
Now at the end of the tunnel a light I see!

Ah, I'm so glad God knows my fears!
He heals my hurts and dries my tears!
He knows when I need a shoulder to cry on!

And as I head toward yon mountain peak,
I feel so blessed that I'm unable to speak!
For unpleasant memories of the valley are gone!

Robert F. Dotson © 2006




Music: "Just For Today"

Original composition and performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission


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