~ An Hour With You~

 I wish you could take me Brother Eagle,
To soar with you upon your wing.
To feel the rushing air all around us,
And the exuberance that it does bring.

The wind would tenderly lift us,
Together just you and I.
Spread your wings so broad Brother Eagle,
And away together we could fly.

For it must be so amazing,
To soar so free and high.
To be carried by the wind,
Looking down upon Earth Mother as we fly.

Within the fullness of the day,
We can soar over the forest green.
And glide over the lakes and rivers,
A white capped tranquil scene.

As we gaze upon Earth Mother,
Her radiant beauty will grace our eyes.
We could soar into The Heavens,
Beyond the endless Father Sky.

We could soar before Grand Mother Moon,
Within the stillness of the night.
And watch Brother Wolf humbly baying,
To her illuminating light.

We could watch the blazing star opening,
Under Grand Father Sun's first rays.
And watch Brother Deer so breathtaking,
So happy and content while he does graze.

We could soar over a meadow of daisies,
As white as winters snow.
We could soar high over mountaintops,
And over canyon valleys low.

If only we could soar forever more,
How blissful it would be.
To be intertwined with the wind,
Filled with peace and to be so free.

So blessed are you,
To see The Creator's astonishing view.
What I wouldn't do Brother Eagle,
Fly Away With You.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
September ~ 25 ~ 2006©


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Art © Denton Lund

Eagle And Drop Feather Icons
© Poison's Icons

Music: "I Believe In You And Me"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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