~ An Hour With You~

There lives a man after your own heart,
Anticipating your presence,
To ask Him in everlastingly,
To be Loveís reflecting essence.

He comes unexpectedly with love,
Amazingly in one instant,
This man after your own heart comes by,
To forgive all in that moment.

And then how beauty lies in your eyes,
Your spirit exulting of God,
Always and verily a sweetness,
Exists to be seen ever awed.

For the love of a man after you,
After your own heart ever clothes,
You in a gentle sweetness of love,
ĎTis Jesus, Godís beautiful Rose.

Yes the beauty of the Fatherís seen,
By the One who lives in your eyes,
The Man Jesus who lives in your heart,
Is truly seen to recognize.

And beauty lies in your eyes always,
Like an everlasting flower,
Reflecting Jesusí essence and love,
Eternally by His Power.

©Sondra McPherson
26 October 2006

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Music: "Man After Your Own Heart"

Sequenced By: Gary Chapman
Used By Permission From

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