~ An Hour With You~

'Twas the night before Jesus' birthday,
I walked the halls in fear,
If He should come this very night,
Would I be ready when He appeared?

The more I thought about that day,
The more fearful I became,
When for His saints He was to come,
Would He call out my name?

I thought about what Jesus said,
About coming for His own,
About leaving this earthly dwelling,
And taking them on home.

I worried about my salvation,
If He came, would I go?
I realized then that I was lost,
The answer I had was no.

God's word says, two will be working in the field,
One taken and one left,
I knew I needed God,
Or I'd be left, all by myself.

Lost and undone,
In fear and despair,
I knelt before my God,
Knowing, He'd be there.

And now I lie and rest at night,
I now have no more fear,
For if Jesus should come tonight,
I know I'll be leaving here.

Faye Reyenga - I /1 / 2003

Java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

Music: "The Joys Of Christmas"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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