~ An Hour With You~

As I stand atop the mountain overlooking the sea,
I view the beauty below me!
Beautiful flowers growing at my feet,
Send up a fragrance so delicately sweet!

A choir of birds with melodious voice,
Seem to say to me, "Rejoice!" "Rejoice!"
My heart feels a peace it has seldom known,
For all traces of doubt and fear have flown!

I feel so rested and worry free,
That I wonder if this is really happening to me!
As my lungs capture the mountain air,
I breathe to God this humble prayer!

Dear Lord, you've brought me a mighty long way,
From the place I was to where I am today!
I thank you for the Holy Ghost You've placed inside,
Who makes all the anxious feelings subside!

I thank you, Lord for the many ways,
You have helped me through my most difficult days!
That valley was about to get the best of me.
The light at the end of the tunnel was hard to see!

My cheery smile was replaced by a frown,
For I had let the problems of life get me down.
But though I worried, fretted and cried,
You never even once left my side!

Lord, I didn't always understand,
You were waiting to help me with an outstretched hand!
Sometimes I feel like I've had more trouble than my share,
But, You always know how much each soul can bear,
And with each trial that takes shape,
You always provide a means of escape!

Lord, when it comes my time to go,
Back to be tried in the valley below,
Help me to hold my head up high,
Knowing You always oversee me with Your watchful eye!

Robert F. Dotson 2006



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Music: "He's Everything"

Original Songs by MidiSandy
copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission

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