~ An Hour With You~


The period marks the end...
End of a day,
End of a week,
End of a month,
End of a year,
End of a road,
End of a life.

The end is final
And we wish to postpone it for more living
By pushing the period forward a bit
To finish the task at hand
And others planned.

We stay up late at night
Doing endless tasks before morning light
Wishing that time will stop
So we can forget its flight.

We find the month not long enough
To do all the stuff
We have put on our agenda
Wishing for more time to be sent us.

At the close of the year
There is much waiting for us to do
That is so important, we think
But no time left to do it, we fear.

The sunset of life is looming near
With little time to finish our goals.
Our steps begin to falter and slows.
We fear we will not finish what we began this year.

We wish to push the period ahead
So the end does not come just yet.
Please, Heavenly Father, you said to ask and ye shall get
So, I ask for more time to finish the tasks given me
Before I embark on the sea of eternity.

When the period sits in place
I shall then see my Savior's face
In the home prepared for me
And find sweet peace with my Lord
And loved ones for eternity.

ŠJane Ward Smith
December 12, 2004


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Music: "One Moment In Time"
The Duchess
Sequenced By: Daniel D. Ferris
Used With Permission



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