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Music: "Eclipses Of The Hear"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
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Iím a victim of Alzheimerís,
Iím in a world all my own.
I may not remember who you are,
Or I may wonder away from home.

Be patient with me please,
Iím the person Iíve always been,
Just need someone to help me.
I really need a friend.

I may become dependent,
And need help every day,
To get me through this valley,
And help me find my way.

I may just stand behind your chair,
Or follow where ever you may go.
I donít mean to be a problem,
But this is all I know.

I served my country and risked my life,
That we might all stay free.
Remember me as I was before,
The way I use to be.

I may feel all alone,
If in strange new places.
Iíd rather be at home,
And see familiar faces.

I can not follow directions,
Or do simple things I use to do.
And some day later on,
I may not recognize you.

Be patient with me please,
I may repeat things over again,
But try to remember Iím not well,
Reach out with a helping hand.

Donít argue with me if Iím wrong,
It will only confuse me more.
Just make me know I can feel safe,
Is all Iím asking for.

Please donít agitate me,
My life is already rough.
Living in this world alone,
Is agitating enough

I may loose my glasses,
And scramble for my words,
I may not pay attention,
Or understand a word I heard.

Walk with me, and talk with me,
Include me in your prayers.
Stay close in touch with me,
So I will know youíre there.

I may just stand behind you,
Or follow you down the hall.
I need to know youíre present,
Each time I need to call.

Faye Reyenga © 11 /20 / 2006