~ An Hour With You~

 Oh my sweet angel girl,
Why the face so long,
You are so sad today,
What is so terribly wrong?

You hold a beautiful rose,
Brilliant red in bloom,
Yet you sit with head down,
Filled with awful gloom.

Please talk to me little one,
Tell me your troubles now,
We will make the sadness go,
We will fix it all somehow.

You know I love you oh so much,
You mean the world to me,
Tell me your problems now my child,
So vanished they will be.

I see a teardrop starting to form,
What has you so very blue,
Let me hold you in my arms,
Tell me your troubles do.

I love you sweet angel girl,
Letís talk this out today,
Whatever is bothering you,
We will work around someway.

Oh my your friend has moved,
Far away to another home,
She is not close by now,
And you feel so very alone.

She gave you the rose,
When she started to leave,
The beautiful flower in your hands,
Makes your little heart just grieve.

Lift your head and look at me,
She may not be close anymore,
But there are telephones and mail,
You can talk just like she was next door.

You have her number in your hand,
Though it is wet with tears,
We will write it down again,
Shhh now, have no fears.

Let's try the number and see,
If they have yet arrived,
I think you will find a little joy,
Maybe in for a big surprise,

I see the smile across your face,
Something has made you beam,
Your troubles are less intense,
Things are not always as they seem.

Happiness is once again in your eyes,
Down curled lip is all gone,
You just talked to your little friend,
She is happy at her new home.

What is that youíre telling me?
It is not so far way after all,
She is only a few blocks away,
I am sure glad we made that call.

Gayle Davis©
08 October 2006

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Music: "Angel"

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