~ An Hour With You~

For all the beauty of this world,
And all that dwells within,
For all the blessings we receive,
Since first when time began.

For all the trees and flowers,
That was made by Your own hand,
For all the love and grace of God,
Which You handed down to man.

For the friendships and the fellowships,
When we meet together to pray,
And for the many showers of blessings,
We are given along life’s way.

For the food on our table Lord,
And the clothes we have to wear,
For the little birds that sing up high,
And for the people that do care.

For that very special someone Lord,
Who gives so freely of their time,
To reach out to those who need it,
And are so loving and so kind.

For everything we thank You Lord,
For blessings big and small,
Help us always remember Lord,
It was You who made it all.

©Ann Hart


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Music: "When I Pray, "Thy Kingdom Come"

Composed And Performed By
Hamblen & Hamblen
Used With Permission

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