~ An Hour With You~

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Image By Dark Blue Knight
You give to me without reason,
Velvet roses and diamond rings,
Sweet love declared each day,
When I look at you; my heart sings.

A tender touch, a gentle kiss,
The look of love in your eyes,
Brings joy to me each passing day,
My happiness I can't disguise.

A walk along the water's shore,
In the early morning light,
A pleasure I hold ever dear,
You thrill me with sheer delight.

These thing you do will e'er remain,
In the depths of my soul,
Loving words softly spoken,
Make my life completely whole.

I love you my darling,
Forever we will be as one,
Our union so blessed,
Since our love had begun.

ęGayle Davis
Image By Dark Blue Knight