~ An Hour With You~



Deep inside was a child
Vulnerable and yet open
To what the future had to give
With hesitation and yet still hopin'
For the chance to start
Opening all in its heart.

Time passed and took a toll
On the innocence of the child
For hurts came and took away the smile
Leaving a scar on the soul.

Through the passage of time
The child was buried deep inside
Seeking a place to hide
Fearing the hurt to confide.

Affirmation was found
Taking away the frown
Bringing a smile to the face
And the fear to displace.

Releasing the child inside imprisoned by fear
So like a bird set free
It flew with delight in the warmth of sunlight
And rested peacefully 'neath the cool shade of a tree
Singing its joyful song
Happy and free all the day long
Returning to thy breast
At close of day for peaceful rest.

With release the child is free
To laugh and dream
Of all that is possible to be
Listening to the desires of the heart
Alight with hope renewed
And sweet love to embrace
Bringing smiles to its face.

Give yourself permission to release
The child tucked away inside and find peace
Of acceptance as you become whole
Knowing that ALL of you is precious to God,
The keeper of your soul.

©Jane Ward Smith
February 2, 2007





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Music: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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