~ An Hour With You~

A Pauper Becomes A Prince

Shout it from the rooftops!
Tell it all around!
Jesus is the best Friend,
My soul has ever found!

I was lost and dying,
Sinking with no hope.
Satan had me blinded.
All I could do was grope.

Then, Jesus had pity on me,
And threw out “the old lifeline!”
And ever since that wonderful happy day,
Great joy has been mine!

The ragged garments of sin,
That I clutched around me so tight,
Were traded to Jesus,
For this new robe of white!

The heavy fetters fell off,
My hands and my feet!
My heart that was so burdened,
Now has a new beat!

Gone from my soul,
Is that terrible load of sin!
Now I have joy,
And sweet peace within!

The desires I once had,
We’re stricken from my mind!
Now each day new strength
Through the “Joy of the Lord" I find!

At the very moment,
I made Jesus my choice,
Friend, all of Heaven,
Stood to rejoice!

I, who once fed,
On “the corn husks of sin,”
Am now daily provided,
With “sweet manna” within!

Jesus anointed my eyes,
That I might see more clearly,
Truths in His word,
I now hold so dearly!

My whole conversation,
And lifestyle have changed!
My life God has taken,
And completely rearranged!

The old friends I once had,
Know me no longer.
But, now I've a Christian family,
With ties that are stronger!

Yes, I once was destitute,
And had nothing to bring.
However, now through Jesus,
I'm a child of the King!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007

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Music: "The Savior Of My Soul"

Words and music by: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission

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