~ An Hour With You~

As you travel down the road of life,
You may hear" come and follow Me"
Whatever you may be doing is not as important
As setting sinful free,
There is so much for the LORD that you can do
If you just go try,
Many excuses you may find,
But our Master you must not deny,
Make your choice for He is calling,
He's reaching out for you,
And He says my child,
"Come and follow Me"

Though you travel a long road,
He will sustain thee,
There are many others who depend upon others,
Do do what they can,
Please heed His call and follow in confidence,
For God He's provided salvation's plan
It's a long road,
But do not tarry long,
For when you hear His call,
Into His arms, Into His Heart you must call,
So please go and follow Him.

Claudia Austin©




Music: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music

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