~ An Hour With You~

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I came across a beggar one day,
He looked sad and all alone,
People looked at him like poison,
They shunned him from their home.

He looked so worn and dirty,
No clothes had he to wear,
People would stare and pass him by,
They took no time to care.

As I began to size him up,
I could see inside his soul,
Then I thought of Jesus,
He could never be so cold.

Jesus would never turn him away,
And leave him there to die,
He would take him home with Him,
In that palace in the sky.

There are no styles in heaven,
So get use to it today,
And if you see a beggar,
Do something, just donít turn away.

©Ann Hart
February 2002

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Music: "Make Me A Blessing"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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