~ An Hour With You~

God sent me an Angel,
But she didn't have wings,
I never saw a harp, or rarely heard her sing,
He tucked away her Halo,
So we wouldn't recognize,
But I thought I saw it shining,
In the light deep in her eyes.

She was sent as an angel ,
To live an earthly life,
Her purpose was to touch us,
And to help our souls to grow,
She shows unselfish love to everyone she meets,
She's kind and she's gentle,
And her words are oh so kind.

She's truly an angel,
With the strength made out of iron,
Through her pain and physical torment,
That she bears from day to day,
She closes her eyes, And bows her head,
As she begins to pray,
To thank God for His blessings,
And the life He gives each day.

She's truly an Angel,
And would never speak a word,
To break a heart of anyone she knows,
She's always there to listen,
Though she may not always understand,
But through her eyes, and through her heart,
Her love comes shining through.
Thank you God for sending me Rhonda my beautiful Angel.

I Dedicate this to my daughter Rhonda who is so special.
I love You.

Claudia Austin 2007



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Song Title:  "You Raise Me Up"
Free Midis
Words and music by: Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson
Permission Granted


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