~ An Hour With You~

I wish, I wish the sun to shine,
Upon this little life of mine,
To give me light to see this day,
And brighten shadows along the way.

I wish, I wish the stars to show,
When the moon begins to glow,
To make the darkness less to dread,
When I lay down upon my bed.

I wish, I wish children everywhere,
Will have a loving family to give care,
To make all of their fears go away,
Words of gentleness will forever stay.

I wish, I wish peace and love,
To cover everyone from above,
That there would no more wars,
Families could be close forevermore.

I wish, I wish to see the world,
In a peaceful harmonic swirl,
Happiness forever I wish to see,
In grownup people, just like in me.

I wish, I wish for all to know,
The love that God always shows,
That it would fill each person's heart,
Then families would never part.

I wish, I wish for things to be,
Like God intended for you and me,
Not troubles and sadness everywhere,
Just hearts of love with kindness to share.

I wish, I wish!!

Gayle Davis©
08 October 2006





Art Titled I Wish
All Images © 2003 Tom Sierak



Music: "Child"

Original MIDI Tunes Of
Copyright ©Marc Krisnanto
Used With Permissioin

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