~ An Hour With You~


Dwelling on thoughts, some bitter, some sweet
Sifting through memories, I have made
Bring emotions like happiness and defeat
Some comfort, or cut . . . like a sharp blade

Life offers mountains, or valleys low
Gleaning many lessons, one by one
Some gain, others have nothing to show
What's the difference, when all is done

To me, the difference is "Measure"
I'm trying daily . . . To measure up
For it's in heaven, that I store my treasure
It's the Lord . . .Who'll fill my cup

There are many who live like misers
As if they can take it . . . when they go
Lessons learned, didn't make them wiser
Never giving, their spirits didn't grow

Some lie, cheat, rob and steal
Not giving thought, to their end
Saying "Afterlife" is not real
Wayward, they just won't mend

Searching through our memories
Gives a clue to how we might score
Almost like a decision, from a Jury
Our admittance, through "Heaven's Door"

This question isn't an . . . Easy one
As we think on roads where life has led
But it's never too late, to change our ways
In avoidance of remorse and dread!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2006


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Music: "My Way"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission