~ An Hour With You~

One day last winter
While walking in the rain
Lying on a bench
A homeless man in pain

It made me wonder
About his life
Did he have children
Did he once have a wife

How did this man
So sick with pain
End up in life
On a bench in the rain

He wasn't that old
Yet staring ahead
With a hollow look
As though he were dead

No hope in his eyes
Nothing but despair
He knew his life was over
Yet he didn't care

I offered him shelter
He said thanks, but no
Even the shape he was in
He was too proud to show

I offered him money
He said he had to go
I slipped some in his pocket
He never did know

The last time I saw him
Shuffling in the rain
Just looking at him
You could feel the pain

So try and remember
When you have a little pain
Think of the homeless man
Lying in the rain.

2006 Ron Hall

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Music: "Just As I Am"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music