~ An Hour With You~

Back when I was a little girl,
I remember working in the fields,
There were mules to pull the plows,
Crops planted for a good harvest's yield.

I remember the first tractor,
Daddy brought to the farm,
It made his life much easier,
It was a mechanical charm.

No more walking all day long,
Behind the mules and plow,
For years this was his life,
Sweat dripping from his brow.

I used to ride the mules back home,
When we would stop for the day,
Then I had to ride the tractor,
That was the newfangled way.

Now the old tractor stands rusting,
Like a growth in the old barn yard,
It needs to be taken away,
But it's a symbol of working hard.

That old tractor plowed many a garden,
Planted acres of peanuts and cotton,
Now it stands alone in the weather,
Its contributions are not forgotten.

Many memories come to mind,
Each time that old tractor is seen,
It was a part of our lives back when,
The fields were lush and green.

Back when it was the newest thing,
It helped a lot of families get by,
Now it sits just rusting away,
Evoking a remembrance sigh.

Gayle Davis©
04 November 2006


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Photo ©Wilbert E. Ellis
Used With Permission

Music: "Long Time Ago"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
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