~ An Hour With You~

In from the sea they sailed with no catch,
Netting fish was their livelihood,
As Jesus saw their two boats standing there,
He stood in one and preached God’s Word.

Everywhere Jesus went the multitudes,
Followed wanting to be taught more,
People were hungry for the truth of God,
Jesus opened salvation’s door.

After Jesus finished with the peoples,
He bid the fishermen to go,
To deep waters to let down nets for fish,
They did as Jesus bade them so.

And as one net caught many fish to break,
They made signs to others on shore,
To come with the other boat to help them,
When they did, the fish did outpour.

There were so many fish that both boats filled,
And nearly sank and all were awed,
Simon was struck with wonder and marveled,
It was by the Power of God.

He fell down at Jesus’ feet unworthy,
Begged forgiveness, Jesus said then,
“Fear not, but Follow Me, I will make you,
From this time forth, fishers of men.”

From then on Simon, Andrew, James and John,
Gave up their nets and boats to be,
With Jesus as His disciples and found,
Salvation just in from the sea.

They listened to Jesus for He taught it,
He spoke in His Name and Power,
He never spoke what men of old time taught,
But as the ‘Voice of God’ that hour.

©Sondra McPherson
25 February 2007

*Scriptures: Matthew 4:18-22 and Mark 1:17-20*










Music: " "Seaside"

Courtesy Of Midi Studio
"Seaside" © Original By Esh
Used With Permission

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