~ An Hour With You~






The Lord is my shepherd.
He supplies every need!
In lush green pastures,
My soul He does feed!

Beside the still waters,
Where no sea billows roll,
He gently leadeth me,
And restoreth my soul!

Often times when life's winds,
Are howling around me,
And so many things happen,
That I don't understand,
I do not fear,
For clearly I can see,
Jesus standing close by,
With an outstretched hand!

I feel so unworthy,
To stand in Christ's presence.
So at His dear feet,
Humbly I bow.

And yes, I may just be,
The least in His kingdom,
But, I can feel His loving hand,
Touching me right now!

Though I may walk through,
The midst of hard trials,
Footsore and weary,
With my head hanging low,
To the end of my journey,
I know He will help me,
Guiding my footsteps,
As homeward we go!

Robert F. Dotson 2006


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Music: "The Savior's Love"

Composed By: Ralph G. Straight
Produced and Arranged By: Scott Lasalle
Used With Permission