~ An Hour With You~

Like an old movie
stuck on rewind
scenes from the past
skip through my mind

Sunday's at Nana's
strong family ties
Aunties 'n cousins
full of surprise

The aroma of coffee
invited us in
filled up our nostrils
with sweetest of grins

Warmness and hugs
were given each guest
welcoming arms
love at its best

Still wearing her apron
from goodies she baked
loads of cookies 'n pies
de'lish chocolate cake

With snowy white hair
bright twinkle in eyes
giggles 'n laughter
her natural high

Children and elders
all gathered within
Sunday's were special
at Nana's with kin

Wall to wall chatter
as stories were told
olden day mem'ries
cherished like gold

Manners, respect
a rule in her home
love and kindness
on every face shown

She was of free spirit
each day of the year
enriched us with blessings
and blankets of cheer

Those were the days
so sad they are gone
but buried inside me
to forever live on

Can still taste the pastry
'n feel Nana's hugs
like quilts in the winter
enwrap me with love

Shoe boxes of photo's
now tattered and grey
still nourish my spirit
bring back yesterday's

© Rose Marie Streeter
August, 2006

Dedicated to my Husband's Grandma
who loved me and took me under her
wing as if I were her own since I was
around 14 years old. To me, she'll
always be my Nana and her
heart prints will remain forevermore.

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Music "Remember When"

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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