~An Hour With You~

A precious gift was sent,
Down from Heaven to Earth.
On Christmas Day we celebrate,
Jesus' miraculous birth.

A star had shone down brightly,
In which lead the way.
To a symbol of great Holiness,
Born long ago on this day.

Tending to their flocks,
Shepherds stood watch that night.
When God sent down an Angel,
Which filled them with fright.

Be not afraid,
For I bring news of great joy.
For a Saviour is born,
A precious new wee boy.

In the city of David,
Upon this Holy night.
You will find Him there,
Said the Angel adorned in light.

This child who was born,
Shepherds went out to seek.
And they found Mary and Joseph,
In a stable humble and meek.

Within a manger lined with hay,
A newborn babe did lie.
As a star shone so brightly,
Over head in the sky.

By the breath of the stable animals,
The newborn babe kept warm.
This place of birth for a King,
Was so far from the norm.

All over the land,
The news spread far and wide.
To find this newborn babe,
A bright star was to be their guide.

Three wise men were sent out,
In search to find.
This tiny Saviour who was born,
For all of mankind.

They followed the star,
And Lo and Behold.
They found the newborn babe,
Of whom they had been told.

Graciously they laid gifts,
Of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
For the blessed babe in which,
In awe they all were.

This wee little child,
Born the King of all Kings.
Peace on Earth and Goodwill,
To all mankind he brings.

A season so joyous,
A gift filled with Hope, Joy and Love.
Bestowed gracefully upon us
From Heaven up above.

As we celebrate this Christmas Day,
Remember the true reason.
That Jesus' miraculous birth,
The Reason For The Season

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
December ~ 16 ~ 2006©

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Music: "Silent Night"

The Music Of M. C. Shelly
Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shelly©
Used With Permission

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