~ An Hour With You~


As he bent over to enter the Church house door,
Folks wondered what Big Jim was there for.
You see he was known in the little town,
As undoubtedly the meanest man aroun'.

Standing six foot seven and weighing three twenty five,
Big Jim seemed to be the biggest and strongest man alive
Many times he had "cleared out" the town's dance hall,
In a well known "down home "free for all!"

When he walked into any room there was quite a stir,
As down to the very last man they called him "Sir!"
Big Jim had never taken himself a wife.
But there was one true love in his life!

The little gal that could cause Big Jim to swoon,
Was "Rosie," a dancer at the Red Horse Saloon.
Recently, when Rosie and Big Jim had taken a walk,
Rosie said, "Jim dear, we need to talk!"

She said, "Jim I have met this man,"
"Who has changed my life like no other can!"
Then, she slowly explained to Big Jim,
While being very careful not to offend him.

She said, "His name is Jesus from Galilee,
"And I'm so excited, you see,"
"Because He frankly forgave me of my sin,"
"And now I have sweet peace within!"

Then, she looked at Big Jim all starry eyed,
Saying, "Jim, I feel so clean inside!"
She continued, "Jim, I just had to share it with you,"
"For the preacher said Jesus would save you too!"

At that point, Big Jim had nothing to say.
He just turned around and walked away.
Big Jim could tell that Rosie had found sweet peace,
So his curiosity began to increase!

The very next night he decided to go down,
To visit the little Holiness Church at the edge of town!
It was Saturday night and there was an overflow crowd!
Big Jim thought the music was way too loud.

But he knew what he came to do,
So he sat down beside Rosie in the tiny pew!
When the preacher delivered his sermon entitled "Hell,"
A subject he preached so well.

He painted a picture dark and grim,
And kept pointing his finger at Big Jim.
When "the invitation" was given,
Big Jim sprang from his pew,
Crying, "Oh, preacher man what must I do?"

The preacher said, "Jim just repent of your sin,"
"And you too can be born again!'"
So, having faith that Jesus would set him free,
Big Jim cried "Lord, have mercy on me!"

Then, as the big old tears began to roll,
Big Jim received sweet peace in his soul!
When he got up from the altar feeling so clean, 
He said, "Rosie, now I know just what you mean!"

Well, Big Jim and Rosie got married the very next week,
And they both were baptized in Possum Creek!
They bought a little farm and settled down,
A couple of miles from the edge of town!

Yes, through God's marvelous grace Jim and Rosie started anew,
And joined the ranks of the "chosen few!"
And, because they fully dedicated their lives to the Lord,
In Heaven Big Jim and Rosie received a great reward!

Robert F. Dotson 2007











Music: "Give Me A Clean Heart"

Earnest And Roline Ministries
Performed By: Chuck Abernethy
Used With Permission

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