~ An Hour With You~

What Went Wrong?

What went wrong, what happened to our love,
I loved you with my whole heart,
Why does love have to fade away,
What happened to the sparkles,
I once saw in your eyes?

When you'd look at me,
As you were holding me close.
I gave you my heart one hundred per cent,
I told you every day how much I loved you.
Why did you stop loving me?

Or did you ever really love me.
Was it that you loved me,
But you weren't in love with me,
Is that how it was; now the truth comes out?

I was always there for you,
I was passionate and caring.
But you pushed that away too,
So my heart oh how it breaks.

This heart of mine as been broke again,
I feel so alone over here by myself.
Or alone over there with someone who don't care.
And could care less if I were there or not.

Watching, waiting, to be spoken to,
Waiting for the rig
ht moment to speak,
Sneak inside my heart, I am alone, alone,
All broken up inside.

What is the difference in being on my own,
Or with someone who doesn't care anymore.
Why try when you just turn me away,
So here I am feeling lonely,
As the tears stream down my face.

It's sad to feel alone,
And the man that you thought loved you,
Just pushed you away.
I, really thought I had it all,
But I was set up for a great big fall.

So now my broken heart I will try and mend,
For it takes two to make amends.
So sorry that your love for me has died,
Like a rose petal on a vine.

Well I'll go on and Iíll win this race,
Though my heart is beating like a drum.
Just remember one thing and keep it in mind,
That you lost a love that was sweet as the wine.
Lonely Again,
With No One To Love.

Claudia Austin © 2006



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Music: "Heartaches By The Number"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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