~ An Hour With You~


With the team of horses harnessed and hitched,
Grandpa would plough the open field.
He always said it took time and patience,
If a good harvest you wish to yield.

Diligently he lead the horses,
And ploughed at a time one single row.
Later planting a tiny seed,
Hoping and praying that it would grow.

He would faithfully every day,
Be out in the field tending to his crop.
When his work was done and finished,
Was the only time he would ever stop.

Grandpa was a kind humbled soul,
Taking time out every day.
To thank God for his many blessings,
And onto Him he would always pray.

With suspenders holding up his pants,
And black dirt smudged upon his face.
"Bringing in the sheaves"
He sang with such dignifying grace.

With sweat upon his brow,
And an experienced callused hand.
A farmer's life isn't easy,
Backbreaking work it does demand.

He'd say just the same as you and I,
It takes love to make things grow.
And with tender nurturing,
Bountiful crops you will always sow.

And year after year,
In the fields is where he'd be.
Often saying this was his paradise,
And only being here he felt so free.

We did eat most of the crops,
Taking us right through winter and spring.
Selling the rest to buy what was needed,
With the extra bit of money that it did bring.

Never once did he complain,
About too much work or it being too hard.
Working his fingers to the bone,
Which were old, weathered and scarred.

This hard working rugged man,
Throughout all those years ago.
Did all of these things for us,
Because he loved his family so.

Within us a seed of hope, faith and love,
He had carefully tenderly planted.
Teaching us how to live a gratifying simple life,
And to never take things for granted.

He said you must work hard to achieve your goals,
And to give credit where credit is due.
And you must always remember,
That it's your prayers that will get you through.

For you see that's what I have always done,
On the days that seemed bleak and grim.
I got to where I was going by trusting,
Following Him

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey


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Music: "Inspiration"

Original composition and performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse
Used With Permission

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