~ An Hour With You~


Grandpa what were you like,
All those years ago.
When you were a kid like me,
About you,
There is so little that I know.

Did you go fishin' with your Grandpa.
Did he teach you about fishin' and all that you know.
Was he the one who taught you,
How to put on the worm just so.

Did you like going fishin' when you were young,
Like you do today.
Did you ever tell fish tales,
About the ones that got away.

I know at times we do,
Not wanting to go home in defeat.
Those are our little secrets,
And to no one else would I repeat.

You know Grandpa it means so much to me,
When you take me every where you go.
I hope you never get tired of me,
Always having me in tow.

I do love fishin' with you Grandpa,
In case you didn't have a clue or hunch,
Maybe we should drop our lines in now,
If we're gonna' have fish for lunch.

These fishin' poles we made,
I think they're just great.
And Grandpa could you please,
Pass over to me the bait.

Do you think you can give me a hand,
To put on the worm just right.
The hook is all ready for you,
And I'll hold onto my fishin' pole real tight.

Don't you just hate it when they wiggle around,
And thanks Grandpa for helping me.
If I could only catch a real beauty,
So awesome would it be.

Grandpa have you gotten any nibbles yet,
I think maybe the fish are too deep.
I haven't had one single nibble,
Do ya' think,
That maybe the fish are asleep.

It really doesn't matter,
If we catch some fish or not.
Just spending time with you,
Really means a lot.

If you don't mind Grandpa,
I don't feel like fishin' anymore.
And since we haven't caught any fish today,
Like many other times before.

We'll do what we always do,
On the way home we can stop and buy.
A real nice beauty from the fish market,
For our lunch to fry.

İElizabeth Ann Bushey
November ~ 21 ~ 2006İ

Image By Dark Blue Knight