Authors send in your poem selections when you wish
but not more than one a week. 
I will post them as soon as I am able after you send them.
Please send in as before with your
selection of
linkware, poem and your selection of music from sites
listed on our banners page only. (this applies to the music only)

Please make sure you send in all that is needed for the page
as I will not be able to find any of the selections for you
without the selections the page can't be completed. 



“An Hour With You”

All submissions must be tasteful and without
vulgarity, racism, hate, abuse or cruelty.
They must be ok for a family friendly site.
Not too descriptive in the romance department.
Graphics cannot show nude body parts.
We appreciate your wanting to express yourself but
we are not a forum for different beliefs, lifestyles etc.
Bible verses are welcome.
We welcome your poetry but please no add-ons of
personal thoughts and beliefs.

Do not send music that is not
from our permission approved sites on our banners page.
Laura's Midi Heaven has many midi but only the
musicians that are named on the banners page with
their links are acceptable.
Jack's Corner Lounge has many sites you can access
from his site but only the midis from the
Corner Lounge are to be used. Those are the ones
we have permission to use.
The URL for the banners page is
We have permission from all the listed sites to use
their music. If it is not listed we do not have permission
so we do not use!
The linkware you can use from any site that has linkware.
We have many on the banners page but there are many
more we do not have listed. Please make sure it is linkware
as we cannot buy exclusive ware for your pages.
You are welcome to buy a set and we will be glad
to use only for your poem page.
Below I will put an example of what is needed to make your page.
Please send all the information with the poem it is to be used with.
I do not open attachments due to Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc.
When you have your information together copy and paste
from notepad into the E-mail.
It does not lose its formatting that way.
Otherwise it may come to me in gibberish or lines run together, no stanzas etc.
If it loses its formatting I do not know how it was written and when I try to
figure it out I may not do as you intended.
Any submission without the necessary information will
be deleted as time does not permit me to find for you.
REQUIRED: your name, e-mail address and website if you have one,
Also please let us know if you wish your name,
e-mail address and website on the poem page.
Banner Exchange page provided for you to exchange link your site.
To submit, send 1 poem set out, include the (URL only) linkware set
and midi name and URL to
You are allowed 1 poem per week deadline is SUNDAY
(gives me time to make the pages)..
Each poem must be accompanied by URL for linkware set
not the files just the URL and also URL and name of the song for midi.
Copy and paste the information into your e-mail.
(preferred use is notepad it does not lose its formatting)
Do not send attachments for I do not open attachments
due to the possibility of viruses, Trojans, etc.
If you need help contact the webmaster.


Below is an example of what is needed:

Enduring Love

Many years have passed,
Since the joining of our hands,
We have traveled numerous miles,
O’er smooth paths and sinking sands.

Yet throughout the passing years,
Our love has not grown cold,
We still treasure our life together,
Steeped in love more precious than gold.

Take my hand and walk with me,
Together we will traverse the land,
Joined in an everlasting love,
Blessed by the Master’s hand.

Your Name©    
Date written if desired
E-mail if you wish it to be listed on the page Will Not be listed if not included with submission
Website address if you have one and wish it to be listed on the page
Will Not be listed if not included with submission

Graphic: Paula Vaughan Art Section (linkware set URL)

Midi: Cherished and Adored ( URL and name of song I will download it)




Tubes by Brooke Kroeger