~ An Hour With You~

The Glory of God moves in the midst,
Of all the people every where,
Beautiful are the seasons that be,
As His beauty hands out His care.

The beauty of Autumn is like Spring,
When the leaves on Maples flower,
Spreading their sunshine like a carpet,
After a frost kissing shower.

How golden Autumns are glorious,
Like flaming sunsets ever bright,
Spectacular covers in blue skies,
Cast vibrant wonders in our sight.

You see the cooler breezes whisper,
Much lighter frosts to bring these glows,
And then the leaves for Autumnís splendor,
Begin the show God so bestows.

As gentle winds whisper quietly,
Softly lifting to glisten leaves,
Painting colors vivid and so pure,
Hear the breathing of Autumn's breeze.

Kissed exquisitely and raised by God,
A golden Autumn bursts anew,
And the brilliance calls out as sunlight,
Redoing hills and valleys view.

Warm sunny days followed by cool nights,
Give fall colors their bright array,
Trees blazing as Indian Summer,
Are decorated to portray.

The light sound of rustling Autumn leaves,
Colored red or yellow or brown,
Hails the coming conclusion to Fall,
Soon the Winter season will crown.

Beautiful and golden are Autumns,
Delightful are festivities,
Pumpkins and corn stalk decorations,
Amongst fruits of antiquities.

©Sondra McPherson
06 September 2006

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Music: "Autumn Leaves"

Sequenced By: Ted Keener
Used With Permission

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