~ An Hour With You~

Look deeply in the eyes of my soul,
My only heart's desire todayís,
My love for you to always express,
Because you stole my heart away.

Youíll see only elegance and grace,
So reach inside my heart to touch,
The true me then hold to discover,
How I love and need you so much.

Any beauty comes from way inside,
Deep down in my heart Iíll display,
And unveil the softer side of me,
A more caring and gentler way.

Look deeply in the eyes of my soul,
My love for you is as intense,
As the beauty of the red, red rose,
In bloom and absent of pretense.

I may be the elegance and grace,
As my heart carries love for you,
The way you see meís just now dawning,
My eyes speak deeply beyond true.

Perfection in beauty has fragrance,
That will perfume and ever stay,
Sweetness in bouquet is my essence,
Because you give my heart array.

Look deeply in the eyes of my soul,
As Iím wanting your love for me.
Iím running over with affections,
And you my heartís desire will be.

©Sondra McPherson
01 October 2006


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