~ An Hour With You~

 I See You In My Dreams

Our love is gone forever,
And you are no longer near.
I love you,
From you again these words I'll never hear.

I've heard it said many times,
That true love lasts forever.
And for me to forget you,
There is no way that I could ever.

Love isn't suppose to hurt like this,
But that's all I feel inside.
How can I go on without you,
Trust me I have tried.

Now time is all I have left,
Just what I am suppose to do.
If only you could find it in your heart,
To love me again like you use to.

Yet here I am lost in thought,
And I don't know what I would do.
If by chance our paths would cross once again,
And I was to run into you.

Would my heart break all over again,
That I just don't know.
Even after all this time,
How could I still love you so.

Our love is hard to let go of,
And I just want you here with me.
Love doesn't just die,
If only our love still could be.

You were my whole world,
And I love you still.
No matter whatever I do,
I think that I always will.

I don't know why I feel like this,
It's been so many years.
Since I last saw you,
When my eyes were filled with tears.

Here I am alone,
Our love never more to be.
If only I could,
Set my memory of you free.

I know its over,
But no matter how hard I try it seems.
You are always there,
Every night
I See You In My Dreams

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
November ~ 21 ~ 2006©


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Music: "My Heart Will Go On"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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