~ An Hour With You~


As the New Year approach's,
Here is my wish to you.
May you always find the strength,
In troubling times to get you through.

May you always be surrounded,
With family you hold so dear.
And may you never feel loneliness,
For our loving Father is always near.

May all of your friendships,
Continue to grow stronger within time.
May the moon always be full to guide you,
And may the sun over you always shine.

May you always know the feeling of joy,
Filled with cherished moments to treasure.
May you always know true happiness,
And it fills you way beyond all measure.

May you always have faith,
When the impossible seems out of reach.
Acknowledge your mistakes,
For we learn by the lessons they teach.

May you always have hope,
When discouraged are you.
And may you never stop dreaming,
For I wish all your dreams to come true.

If you are lost along life's narrow path,
May you always find your way.
May you always have peace,
Not only for today but everyday.

May everything turn out right for you,
On the days things seem to go all wrong.
May your spirit always be uplifted,
And your heart always to sing a song.

May you always find comfort,
In your hour of need.
And of all your heartfelt wishes,
May their expectations far exceed.

May you always find courage,
And face life head on without fear.
And when the road ahead seems rocky,
Tread forward and persevere.

May you only know sincere love,
And be grateful for the gift.
May you know the feeling of belonging,
Never having to wander or to drift.

May The Father always bless you,
And fill your soul with pure delight.
May your days never be in darkness,
And may you be adorned within His light.

All these things I wish for you,
Because you are so dear.
May they see you all throughout,
The Upcoming New Year.

©Elizabeth An Bushey
December ~ 19 ~ 2006©

Happy New Year
Best Of Wishes To All
Now And All Throughout The Year Of


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Music "Only Time"

Sequenced By: Frank DiGiovannangelo
Used With Permission

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