~ An Hour With You~

I'm a holly jolly Christmas gift,
I'm as happy as can be,
Iím a big surprise so spirits lift,
Are you the ones who'll love me?

It's warm and cozy in this stocking,
And I know I'll love this place,
Iíve heard all kinds of Christmas singing,
And thereís lots of room to race.

Hey there I'm a gift for you Christmas,
I hope youíre happy to see,
A stocking stuffer thatís me Iíd guess,
Iíll bless you and youíll bless me.

Iíd like to be your new pet right now,
For you Iíll even retrieve,
Because you will love me anyhow,
Iím lovable just believe.

I love to play with all furry toys,
Feathers and sometimes a mouse,
You have any kids perhaps some boys,
And little girls in your house?

I may be a cat but Iím brilliant,
Yep I get sleepy and nap,
But Iím feisty and quite resilient,
Iím a lively little chap.

Iím a little crunched really squeezed here,
Iíd love to be out romp Ďround,
And would you please fix my eye and ear,
Hey what is that tinkling sound?

Iíd love to bat those shiny balls far,
Look high shining for Jesus,
Why I might even get that bright star,
All lit Ďbout the Lord for us.

And itís His Birthday each Christmas morn,
Years ago but Heís still here,
I love that little Babe that was born,
Heís all ours and Heís e'er near.

Itís great weíre celebrating Jesus,
A holly jolly Christmas,
I know you and me are thankful Yes,
We're blessed He was born for us.

©Sondra McPherson
28 November 2006

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Music: "Holly Jolly Christmas"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission

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