~ An Hour With You~



Listen closely and hear the beauty,
The sounds of music and love,
Imbuing all thoughts as hearts receive,
Love’s sweetest gift from above.

How the essence of one’s heart is pure,
A rose of gentle beauty,
Forever more unfolds to gather,
Those with love’s calling to be.

The music of love is for always,
And special is a rose sent,
Particularly given freely,
Filling a heart that is rent.

Listen closely and feel this beauty,
Perceive love’s treasure to start,
A precious love to always be shared,
Once existing in a heart.

Enveloping the air and all ‘round,
Is a sweet essence to greet,
Every heart with such a hope desires,
In life to have love to meet.

As perfection encircles each rose,
And regal beauties flower,
An aroma of sweet preciousness,
Lavishes its love shower.

Listen closely and grasp love’s beauty,
Love is heaven sent for you,
Two in love to be one forever,
And in eternity too.

Music and love always together,
In concert a harmony,
Beautiful is a true love God sent,
Forever always to be.

©Sondra McPherson
07 January 2007

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Music: "Rose"
The Duchess
Used With Permission