~ An Hour With You~

"A Senior Moment"

Today I forgot somebody's name,
I had known for quite awhile.
But, I continued talking to them just the same,
While wearing a pleasant smile!
Ah, senior moments.

In my home I'll go to a certain place,
And suddenly feel a twinge of fear.
Then, with a puzzled look on my face,
I'll say, "Why did I come in here?"

Occasionally, I take a phone call,
And my memory goes dead,
For, I can't remember at all,
When I'm asked what the person said.

I have to make myself a list,
In order to perform a task or two,
Then double-check to see if I've missed,
Something I was supposed to do.
Oh, senior moments.

My wife and I have only have two boys.
So, they think it's quite a shame,
And to be honest it really annoys,
When I call one by the other's name.

No, I can't remember as well as I did,
And it's really awkward, you see.
But, when remembering things I did as a kid,
It's as plain as plain can be.

Friend, when I reach Heaven's fair shore,
Perfect peace and joy I'll find!
And I won't wonder any more,
About things that slipped my mind!
Ah, no more senior moments!

Robert F. Dotson 2006

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Music: "Whispering Hope"
Ron Thompson
Used with permission
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