~ An Hour With You~

Strolling through the woods,
A young girl of nineteen.
Dressed in a velvet flowing gown,
In the deepest shade of,
Emerald green.

This place is close to her heart,
Nothing could keep her away.
She gathers her thoughts,
And she returns everyday.

She recalls a handsome young lad,
With whom she had fallen in love.
He was all she had hoped for,
And he was all she dreamed of.

Many hours they spent,
In these same woods walking.
Playfully and joyfully,
Laughing and talking.

Together their initials,
They carved in a tree.
And carefully added the words,
I will always love thee.

One day love for another,
Within him did stir.
Beneath the boughs of their tree,
Behind and alone he left her.

Heartbroken she was,
Standing in her emerald green gown
Tears overflowing and spilling,
From her dark eyes of brown.

Haunted by the memories,
Of the love they had shared.
When for her he had once,
So lovingly cared.

In the rush of a breeze,
Her dark hair is tossed.
Her dark eyes still searching,
As if for,
Something she's lost.

Recognize her again,
He will,
In her flowing gown of green.
More beautiful now,
He's ever seen.

Birds fly around her,
Within the flutter of wings.
Drifts a heart wrenching song,
That she woefully sings.

The words of her song,
Are both moving and sad.
For lost love she mourns,
From her handsome young lad.

She strolls day and night,
Be it sunlight or rain.
Hopeful for his return,
His love,
Once again to obtain.

By their tree she had waited,
Still filled with tears.
Tracing the carved letters,
As the days,
Turned into years.

Constantly she yearns,
For the love she once had.
Vowing to love no one else,
But her handsome young lad.

One day she lay lifeless,
Beneath the boughs of their tree.
A once young girl now a lady,
And her,
You can still see.

As she aimlessly wanders,
Looking lost and so sad.
Still faithfully waiting,
For her handsome young lad.

Strolling through the woods,
A lady,
No longer nineteen.
Dressed in a velvet flowing gown,
In the deepest shade of,
Emerald Green.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
February -20- 2007©


Music: "Unchained Melody"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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