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Happy Holidays


Holiday season is now upon us,
And there is magic in the air.
A joyous season I hope to one and all,
Getting ready for Christmas as we prepare.

It sure has been a pleasure,
Being here with you all.
It's been an amazing year,
I will happily look back upon and recall.

I have met so many friends,
Through the words of rhyme.
I hope everyday for you one and all,
Will always be a happy time.

May our friendships always glow,
Like a candle’s burning flame.
Within this joyous season,
As Jesus' birth we once again proclaim.

May our inner light shine bright,
Like the Christmas Star of long ago.
And may we never be too busy,
Just to drop in to say Hello.

I hope Santa will be good to you,
As he already has been to me.
He's sent me Gayle such a wonderful lady,
Loving and kind and her spirit carefree.

There also is The Captain,
And Sondra is there as well.
How much we appreciate them all,
Our humble words could never tell.

To all my fellow poets,
Such beautiful words you write.
With us you share from your hearts,
Poetic poetry for all to delight.

Everyone has welcomed me,
With loving arms opened wide.
And I could never explain to you,
How good I feel deep down inside.

I know we are busy with the holidays,
But we must never forget.
To say I love you to family and friends,
So one day we will hold no regret.

As we hurriedly dash here and there,
I know it's easy to get caught up and lost.
Take time out for someone special,
Give the gift of a hug, there is no cost.

It may be just what they needed,
To give them a reason to smile.
Just what could it hurt?
We all need a hug every once in awhile.

I do know I have been truly blessed,
There's nothing more that I could need.
Being here with my family and friends,
So happy and content I am indeed.

May our hearts always be warm,
Like a fire’s glowing blaze.
I wish you the best Yuletide greetings,
Happy Holidays.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
November ~ 14 ~ 2006©

Dedicated To
Lady Gayle, Sondra and The Captain
And All My Fellow Poet Friends
From An Hour With You
Merry Christmas!

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