~ An Hour With You~


Would You Know?

A Man came to the people, in His own unusual way
He came to bring a message, there was a lot to say
He told’m about the future and spoke about the past
And said that times are changing and not a thing would last
He said “ I was here once before, two thousand years ago
I came to save the sinners, but they didn’t want to know
They dragged Me up a hill side and nailed Me to a cross
But I told them, “ I forgive you and I will come once more”
“To lead you to Salvation, to heaven's open door”

Today , he could be here again, that second time around
To try and save this mankind, before they’re hellwards bound
But when He tells you “I’m the One, who can take you through that door”
Do you believe Him by his word, or nail Him to the cross again ?
Like they did this once before.
Your priests and preachers, they will tell you
“No , He’s not the one, that’s not how the Good Book tells us”
“The way things will be done”

But we all know, how many times they have been wrong before,
They even used the Good Book , to start a “holy” war,
I ask you, know what you can do, to find the peace you seek
Is – Love your neighbor as yourself, and practice being meek.
Watch the sunrise or the sunset, look at flowers, feel the rain,
And know that when you wish or pray , it’s never done in vain.
Wish good fortune to another, as he safely goes his way,
That may well be your salvation , it’s the best that you can say.
And when a man says , I am He, the One that is your Friend,
Do not dismiss Him once again, for the scars are in His Hands.

Ton Antheunisse © 2006






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Music: "Amazing Grace"

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Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission

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