~ An Hour With You ~



He is coming back again
The Saints will rise up to meet Him,
Oh, What a wonderful day,
Jesus will return to catch His bride away.

The angels will be singing
Then we'll hear the trumpet sound,
Let's prepare to take our flight,
And always choose the path of light.

We will rise up to greet Him
He gave His life to save you and me,
As we gaze into the beautiful sky,
He will return, for us by and by.

Serving Jesus and doing His will
Knowing how much He cares for me,
It doesn't matter the trials we face,
We are assured, He loves us tenderly.

How sweet in the stillness of the morning
Before we start our daily care,
Spending time with God alone,
Seeking and Sharing with Him in prayer.

God speaks in His still small voice
And my heart just leaps and rejoices,
Just linger in My presence, Child,
I will be with you all the while.

I'm glad I know Him as my Savior
He clothes me with His love and praise,
Oh what a meeting in the skies,
No more tears shall dim the eyes.

The moment that we trust in Jesus
He sends blessings, countless blessings,
We are kept by His love divine,
Daily and always, let our light shine.

Bernice Ward 2005

John 4:16
God is love, and he who dwells and
continues in love dwells and continues
in God, and God dwells and continues in him.


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