~ An Hour With You~
Image By Dark Blue Knight

Image By Dark Blue Knight
My dearest love I so count the days,
When everything falls in place,
When you and I can be together,
And live our loving embrace.

I shudder to think of the long time,
You have been away from me,
And I can hardly wait to hold you,
Close to me where you should be.

I will have no peace until youíre home,
Youíre in my heartís memory,
Without you I would never have loved,
Our love creates destiny.

Just to be in your arms once again,
And have you beside me too,
Does lift my hopes high and I can breathe,
You know how much I love you.

The sweetest memories of our life,
Seem to cover me in hope,
Even though sadness assaults your days,
With love weíll make it and cope.

My dearest love I number the days,
How Iíve missed us together,
We will handle anything as one,
At home with one another.

Hold me much longer in your heart now,
Till you feel me close to see,
Remember to stir good thoughts for fate,
Sealing a new memory.

©Sondra McPherson
22 January 2007

Image By Dark Blue Knight