~ An Hour With You~


Within my soul is a quiet place
Where I have no fear
For it is there my Lord is near
And I bare my heart face to face.

In the quiet of my soul I grow
For it is there
I see my faults laid bare
And search for the good hidden there
So my true self I get to know.

At times there is trouble in my soul
When questions arise
Because of sin having control
And I feel unlovable in God's eyes.

God whispers in the quiet of my soul
That never would He withhold love from me.
To restore fellowship and peace in my soul
I asked forgiveness for sin and now am free.

I rejoice in the quiet of my soul
For salvation that I have found
Making me know I am heaven bound
And praises to God must be told.

With my Lord I commune
In the quiet of my soul
Keeping my heart in tune
As He lifts me up with blessings untold.

ŠJane Ward Smith
November 4, 2005