~ An Hour With You~

Hello little kitty cat,
Want me to read to you,
I can tell you about the bible,
And all the things Jesus can do.

You see He made a man,
Put him in a garden rich and green,
Gave to him a pretty wife,
The first woman ever seen.

Hey kitty cat be still and sit down,
I am not through reading yet,
I know a story you will like,
A fish as big as a house I bet.

He swallowed a man named Jonah,
He did not do what God said,
So the fish's belly is where he went,
I bet that was not a comfortable bed!

Here is a story about Noah,
A man God told to build the ark,
Others stood around and just laughed,
They made many unkind remarks.

Noah did what God said,
Took animals two by two,
Put them in that big ole boat,
His wife and children too.

It rained and rained and rained some more,
Water covered the earth everywhere,
And that big boat landed on a mountain,
Then they got out and each said a prayer.

Remember about Daniel,
They put him in a lion's den,
He did not get eaten up,
God took real good care of him.

There were three men in the Bible,
Put in a furnace of really hot fire,
They did not get a single burn,
An angel even protected their hair.

Oh, there is a story about a baby,
Born on the very first Christmas Day,
That is why we celebrate and give gifts,
We are showing love God's way.

It tells us all about God's love,
He sent His only Son to die,
To make our hearts so pure and white,
Oh little kitty that makes me cry.

He loved us so much,
Just like I love you,
I will take care of your needs,
That is what Jesus would do.

I love you little kitty cat,
You make me happy you know,
Together we will be real good,
Come on kitty cat it's off to bed we go.

Gayle Davisİ
06 November 2006

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Music: "Jesus Loves Me"
Midis-Mickey Gentle
Laura's Midi Heaven
Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission


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